Sunday, 23 March 2014

St Clements cake

Today felt like a baking day. Having a look through the limited amount of ingredients I had I thought I'd knock up a version of a St Clements cake. It's something that's usually made around Christmas but I think that citrus flavours are really springy! 

I've adapted a recipe from The Cranks Cookbook to make a dairy free blood orange, lemon and lime drizzle version (usually St Clements is iced and has buttercream in the middle....had no icing sugar and didn't really want buttercream today!!). 

All I can say is that it's damn tasty and took no time at all to knock up! Got to find some folks to share it with now :) 

I made a wee bit too much syrup with the juice so I've put it in a bottle in the fridge and have found it makes amazing cordial! Bonus!

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  1. That looks lovely, you can come and share it with us anytime :)


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